Kinetic: Something Concerning Motion tunes into the energy generated through movement. The seven tracks — from some of today’s most exciting practitioners of experimental sound design, instrumentation, and synthesis — resonate, torque, and dazzle with vitality and texture, animating micro-worlds of dynamic motion and moments that course between serene and stimulating.

Featuring: Elsa Hewitt, Cedric Noel, Aja, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, S. Costa, Nova Zail and Michael Wall.



Sound Wonders: A Series of Epics is music inspired by the long poems and narrative verse works that have detailed deeds and adventures since the dawn of storytelling.

Featuring: Elori Saxl, Matthewdavid’s Mindflight, liila, Emile Mosseri, Yialmelic Frequencies, Nailah Hunter, Green-House, Emily Ritz & SK Kakraba.



Breathing Instruments is a tribute to the breath in its many forms: human and animal respiration, sound patterns and rhythms made by wind, plants, and water, and our attempts to recreate it.


Touchtheplants stands in solidarity with Black Lives everywhere

Touchtheplants Presents: BIG LUNCH

Visual artist Rob Moss Wilson reads his poems for us, while accompanied by an original soundtrack from electronic musician Cool Maritime.

A union of spoken-word and ambient soundscapes that weds Cool Maritime’s bubbly, revitalizing synth work to Wilson’s emotionally honest, casually profound observations.

Big Lunch feels like a hike in the company of a wise and humorous friend who has special access to his own heart and mind, the contents of which he is able to spin into everyday proverbs as we wind up the path by his side.

Realized as a limited-run audio-visual box set with cassette and book.

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TIDES: Music For Meditation And Yoga

Recorded in 2013,Tides is a glimpse into the early phase of what has become Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s signature approach to electronic music. Composed and played on a Buchla Music Easel––the modular synthesizer that gives Smith’s music its organic feel––this collection of instrumentals is at once uplifting, transportive and meditational. It comes as no surprise that it was commissioned by Smith's mother to accompany her yoga practice.


Electronic Series Vol 1 : Abstractions

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

The Electronic Series is an annual offering consisting of a musical recording and a short comic about two friends – a plant and a human being – having an existential conversation. Each volume focuses on a different theme and context intended to nourish inquisitiveness.